Kay Whitten Scholarship Program

We have a scholarship program to address the reality that financial considerations often deter, if not preclude, qualified, interested volunteers from participating on VHI field programs.

Scholarships are comprised of two features:

  • Waiver of the participation fee ($450), and/or

  • Reduction of airfare expense

The number of scholarships offered, and the amounts allocated for each scholarship, is based on the number of applicants, the staffing needs for each program, and the funds available. The principal criterion for selection for a scholarship award is financial need. However, we will not request nor review an applicant’s finances, and will not weigh the relative merits of any application by way of comparing the candidates’ financial situations.

To receive a scholarship, please submit an application at least one month (30 days) prior to the beginning of the field program on which the applicant wishes to participate.

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Important! Please enter your first and last name exactly as they appear on your passport. If you are waiting to receive your passport or professional license, please let us know.