Our Mission:

Bringing high-quality eye care to underserved communities around the world

Our Vision: 

A world with accessible eye care

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About VHI

VHI was founded in 1985 to serve communities around the world with vision care. While much of our work over the years has taken place in Latin America, we added domestic field programs to our organizational portfolio in 2018. We are proud to serve underserved communities in the US and around the world. We provide high-quality, direct patient care to the communities we serve. Our services include comprehensive eye exams, life-altering surgeries, prosthetic eyes, dispensing of eyeglasses and protective eyewear, and more.

Volunteer With Us

Key to the success of our work are our partnerships with host communities. VHI will schedule field programs only at the invitation of — and in collaborations with — local leaders, regional or national officials, or eye care or medical professionals. We plan and implement four to five, week-long service trips each year, for which we recruit dedicated vision care professionals and highly-qualified personnel to volunteer their time, in order to deliver high-quality vision care to the local community.

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Our Impact

The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 1.3 billion people around the globe live with some form of vision impairment, 80% of which can be prevented or cured. Roughly 90% of vision-impaired people live in low- and middle-income countries, and those living with vision impairment are more likely to experience other disadvantages, like poverty and barriers to education and employment. We connect with local organizations, communities, and vision health care providers to prevent and treat eye diseases and reverse vision impairment.

Since 1985, we’ve provided…


field program trips



eye examinations



life-altering operations


Our Partners

Strong partnerships are at the core of our work.

Get Involved

During VHI’s over 30 year history, hundreds of medical professionals—including ophthalmologists, optometrists, anesthesiologists, nurses, and scrub technicians—have volunteered on field programs. Many of our earliest participants continue to volunteer today, and we are eager to meet new professional and non-medical volunteers. Our field programs offer the experience of a lifetime. We work with people who have little to no access to eye care and are grateful for the high-quality care we provide.




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