Our Partners

Field program partners are “host partners” who we work with routinely to connect with patients in the location of each field program (both domestic and international locations). These partners provide logistical support, help coordinate clinic and operating-room space, and often do pre-screening for us. Our field program partners are critical to the success of our work.


Partners for andean community health (Formerly FIBUSPAM)

Partners for Andean Community Health is our host partner in Ecuador. They are an international charity working in Ecuador to provide healthcare to marginalized and economically disadvantaged communities. Their mission is to “deliver integrated health care and humanitarian support to children and adults of limited economic resources in Ecuador.”

Stout Street Eye Clinic

Stout Street Eye Clinic is our host partner in Denver, CO and a volunteer-based organization that provides preventative and corrective vision care to adults and children experiencing homelessness regardless of insurance coverage.

Club de Leones Guatemala Utatlán

The Lions Club of Utatlán is our host partner in Guatemala, along with the mayor of Villa Nueva, Guatemala. They are a part of Lions Clubs International, a network of volunteers who work together to answer the needs that challenge across the world.

Clinica Manos Amigas/Serving at the Crossroads

Serving at the Crossroads is our host partner in Honduras. Fundación Manos Amigas is a clinic in La Entrada, Honduras, providing medical and dental care to those in need. Serving at the Crossroads is a US-based nonprofit that supports the Manos Amigas clinic and whose philosophy is “to aid those in need, inform local health care practitioners, and empower them to care for their own communities.”


We also have partners who routinely and consistently provide us with in-kind donations to support our work in bringing high-quality eye care to underserved communities around the world. Donations include medical equipment, eyeglasses, sunglasses, lenses, surgical supplies, and more. Our work wouldn’t be possible without their generous support and partnership.

Alcon Medical Missions

The Alcon Medical Missions Program works towards improving and enhancing eye health for those in desperate need of medical attention. Alcon assists volunteer eye professionals with donations for sight-saving missions around the globe, and provides us routine donations of medical supplies and equipment.

Essilor vision foundation

The Essilor Vision Foundation is committed to eliminating poor vision and its lifelong consequences, and to providing underprivileged people the opportunity to live a better life through better sight. The foundation provides provides the majority of single vision and special prescription lenses for VHI field programs.

VSP Global

VSP and its Eyes of Hope program support local communities around the globe through initiatives that provide access to eye care, eyewear, and disaster relief to places where they are needed most. They routinely donate eyeglass frames.


Americares saves lives and improves health for people affected by poverty or disaster so they can reach their full potential. They routinely donate suture and specialty medicines and supplies.

See international

SEE International provides essential and transformative eye care and surgery around the World and right here at home. Their organization donates almost all of our surgical supplies.

Walman Instruments

Since 1915 Walman Instruments has been a multi-line distributor of ophthalmic instrumentation for eye care professionals. Walman Instruments has provided generous support to VHI’s domestic programs, including donation of diagnostic equipment.