• Vision restored

    A man had been blind with cataracts for twenty years. When he could see again, he broke into tears and told his wife, also in tears, "You are as beautiful as the day I last saw you."

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  • Donate now

    VHI relies on donations of dollars and gifts in kind from individuals, corporations, and foundations to carry on its mission to Restore the Gift of Sight. Every donation, large or small, is greatly appreciated.

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  • Hope restored

    It's estimated that two to three family members are needed to care for a blind relative. Thus, with one sight-restoring surgery, entire families are liberated.

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  • Volunteer

    "I can't recall being any more exhausted than after a day working in the eyeglass clinic. At the same time, I don't remember ever being more gratified with the work I did."

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  • New perspective

    The notion that hundreds (if not thousands) of people will travel many miles or days, and then wait, without complaint, for up to 24 hours just for the opportunity to be examined by an ophthalmologist is, well, eye-opening.

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