Alan Stern

Annie Chang

Annina griggs

David Khorram

Dr. David Khorram is a physician, writer, and educator with extensive experience in grassroots development and capacity building. He is the Director of the Division of Global Ophthalmology at University of Virginia. After completing his training in eye surgery in the United States, he spent 22 years in the South Pacific developing eye care in the Mariana Islands. He now lives in the Czech Republic where he participates in and leads international eye care projects. He is also the creator of the Global Medicine Field Course, taking students to low-income countries to consider issues of healthcare, economic justice, and social progress. He joined the VHI board in 2018.

Deb prince

Deb Prince is an optometrist who lives and works in San Diego, California. Deb’s involvement with VHI began as a volunteer on a program to Nicaragua in 2001. Experiences on that first program ignited her passion for helping those in need, particularly those blinded from preventable or treatable problems. Moved with compassion, Deb volunteered on subsequent programs in Central and South America and domestic programs here in the United States. She joined the Board of Directors in 2005 and was instrumental in the development of VHI’s eyeglass program which includes custom-made prescription lenses. Being a Board Member provides her the opportunity to work with talented people who share the same passion and goals.

Doug lavenburg

As a self-employed comprehensive ophthalmologist, Dave was searching for a higher purpose and way to offer his skills to those less fortunate. He stumbled upon VHI at an academy meeting and jumped in. Dave has since been on multiple field trips and strongly believes in the mission of VHI and its spectacular members, which is the reason he serves on the board. Dave enjoys working with the executive board members, who are of the highest quality individuals, dedicated to the advancement of the organization. Dave is proud to be associated with such individuals in collaboration and a common purpose: "Bringing high quality eye care to underserved communities around the world".

Eston harden

Eston Harden is a software-application project manager for Sibley Memorial Hospital, which is part of Johns Hopkins Medicine. He assumed this role in January of 2014. He has worked at Johns Hopkins for over 10 years in various roles within the organization. Currently, he reports to the Chief of Staff and has reported to the Chief Medical Officer, Chief Operational Officer and President of Sibley Memorial Hospital. Eston is also a consultant for Shepard Health providing data collection and analytical services for their customers in the California region. He is also an investor in a small venture capital firm Dimension Ventures in which he heavily influences investment decisions based on market conditions, opportunities and risks using complex data models. Eston also likes to volunteer at some of the local tennis tournaments in the DC Metro area. Eston received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Maryland, a Master of Science in Business Management Marketing from University of Maryland and a Master of Science in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

jennifer hardester

Jennifer Hardester, Counsel, STL Med Law, LLC joined the VHI Board in late 2018 after serendipitously meeting the Executive Director, Nikki Fedoravicius, on a plane. Because of her health law background, she joined the Board to provide legal counsel. She feels lucky to have found an organization that provides desperately-needed services to so many people around the world. She appreciates the value of high-quality vision services because she is very nearsighted and has needed vision care since she was young.

marie lavenburg

nancy burns

Nancy Burns is a Public Health Nurse Coordinator in Milwaukee Wisconsin. She has worked in public health for over 30 years and also served as a Peace Corps volunteer (and met VHI while serving in the Peace Corps!) Nancy joined the VHI board in 1992 and has served as the secretary of the board for the last 10 years. Nancy joined the board because the mission was very important to her — to serve people who do not have access to care. Nancy wanted to make sure that VHI would continue to offer this very necessary service and hopes one day that such a service will not be necessary. What keeps her with VHI are the smiles of those who go from not being about to see to being able to see, because of glasses or surgery.

nancy quigley

Nancy Quigley is a retired Pediatric Nurse Practitioner who worked in primary care with children for over 40 years. Nancy joined the VHI board in April, 2018, after a trip to Honduras with VHI in 2017. Nancy was encouraged to join board because of her trip experience -- she was impressed with the quality of work done on the trip and the passion and commitment of the team, not to mention the delight of patients as they have their eye bandages removed post op. Nancy appreciates the way the board works together to deal with down to earth details and also with a vision of what's possible in the future.


randy rottman

Randy Rottman, MD is the Medical Director for Vision Health International. Randy has run a general Ophthalmologist-private practice for 30 years in Grand Junction, Colorado. His first trip with Vision Health was in 1990! He is blessed with a certain skill set and feels incredibly lucky to be in a position to provide the gift of sight to those in need have wonderful opportunities to enhance eye health to those who would otherwise not be able to receive this life-altering care.

rick whitten

Rick is a recently retired ophthalmologist, born and raised in Fresno, California. His undergraduate degree was in Humanities from UC Berkeley, and he completed medical school, ophthalmology residency, and oculoplastic surgery fellowship at UC San Francisco. After two years active duty in the US Navy, Rick returned to Fresno to become director of the UCSF-affiliated ophthalmology residency program at Valley Medical Center and joined a private practice group. Out of a spirit of adventure my wife, who is a surgical nurse, and I joined ophthalmologist Rod Abernethy, a medical school friend of my father, on a mission trip to Ecuador in 1986. The following year Dr. Abernethy died suddenly. A group of us who had worked with him came together with his widow Beth and incorporated VHI to carry on his work.

sasha rosen

Sasha is currently a resident physician in ophthalmology. He earned his bachelor’s degree in physics from University of California Santa Barbara and his MD from Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine where he graduated summa cum laude. He first volunteered with VHI as a medical student in 2017 and joined the board the following year. Having previously volunteered on dozens of medical missions, VHI stood out for him due to the genuine partnerships the organization fosters with the communities served, the focus on sustainable programing, and a team comprised of friendly, dedicated volunteers.

todd kinnick

Todd is an anesthesiologist, who has been living in Western Colorado since 2006. Todd went on his first trip with VHI in 2009 to Piura, Peru and has been hooked ever since. Todd joined the board in 2010 and tries to do one trip each year. Todd has feels very fortunate to have found this wonderful organization and to provide life-changing care for patients. Todd appreciates that the VHI board is made up of a diverse group of people with the same mission of bringing high-quality eye care to the underserved people of the world. "I highly encourage anyone, regardless of your medical or non medical background to volunteer for a trip. You'll love it."