Vision Health International Legacy Society

Creating an estate plan that meets the needs of your family and, at the same time, fulfills your philanthropic wishes may seem like an overly complicated, not to mention an emotional process. Please know you have many options.

Opportunities for Estate Gift Planning

  • Consider making a significant future gift by way of a charitable bequest and possibly reduce estate taxes and retain control over your assets.
  • Consider making a significant gift to VHI by way of a life insurance policy and possibly get immediate and/or future tax deductions for premium payments.
  • Consider a potentially tax-advantaged way to leave a portion of your assets to VHI by way of naming VHI as a beneficiary of your retirement plan and possibly avoid income tax on retirement plan assets.
  • Consider supporting VHI and avoid capital gains tax by way of a gift of appreciated stock.

Please seek advice from your estate-planning attorney and tax advisor when considering these or other types of charitable gifts.

By adding a codicil to your WILL, you can easily create a legacy gift for Vision Health International. Your gift can be made either as a percentage of your estate, or by specifying a dollar amount. Also, you may choose to make your gift for general use, or to designate it for a particular purpose, for example as a scholarship to help underwrite program expenses for volunteer nurses.

BEQUESTS are the most common form of planned gift. What follows is an example of the type of language that is sometimes used for this purpose.

“I give ( _________ dollars) or ( ___________, a specific asset, such as securities, real estate or other property) or (all or  ________ % of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate) to Vision Health International in Grand Junction, Colorado, for the general benefit of Vision Health International or (for the following purpose: __________ ).”
[Consult your estate planning attorney as you consider making a gift of this nature to VHI.]

Legacy gifts will have the power to restore the gift of sight and change lives for generations to come. The Vision Health International Legacy Society is a special association of donors who have supported VHI by way of their estate plans or a life-income gift. Becoming a member is straight forward, and easy.

Simply notify VHI that you have named Vision Health International in your:

  • Will/Trust
  • Retirement Plan
  • Life Insurance
  • Other __________

and you will be entitled to receive:

  • A Vision Health International Legacy Society membership certificate
  • Special recognition in the VHI Annual Report (unless you choose to remain anonymous)
  • A VHI commemorative lapel pin
  • Regular reports on VHI field programs

If you have questions on the Vision Health International Legacy Society please contact us at info@visionhealth.orgPlease note: VHI cannot offer estate planning or tax advice. Please consult your legal and tax advisors when contemplating a legacy gift to VHI.

Thank you.