What we do

Every 5 seconds someone in the world becomes blind.
One child loses their vision during each minute of every day.
The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates:

  • Over 35,000,000 people in the world are blind
  • 48% of those adults and children are blind due to cataracts
  • 80% of those with cataracts live in under-developed countries
  • 80% of the world’s blindness is treatable with proper medical care

At the invitation of Latin American ophthalmologists, local health officials, and civic authorities, VHI recruits ophthalmologists, optometrists, anesthesiologists, registered nurses, professional operating room technicians, and clinic personnel for up to three annual, one-week field programs.

Since 1985, on 78 field programs, VHI has provided over 35,000 eye examinations, dispensed more than 26,000 pairs of eyeglasses and protective eyewear, conducted 27 teaching seminars, and performed 6,392 sight-restoring and life-altering surgeries in the following countries:

Watch VHI in action— see the video here.

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