Chief Program Officer Position Open


The function of the Chief Program Officer (CPO) is to identify and secure safe and appropriate work sites for the mission trips of Vision Health International (VHI), and to oversee the planning, implementation and evaluation of the field program operations. The CPO serves as an ex-officio member of the board and is required to attend all BOD meetings and retreats.


The CPO serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors and is responsible for identifying, implementing and evaluating field programs appropriate to the VHI mission.   The CPO is responsible for working with the host country agency to determine the optimal work area and specific work site location, identifying local medical support for the proper pre-screening and follow-up of patients, and evaluating the security and transportation issues relevant to the field program site. The CPO is responsible for developing a budget of costs associated with each field program activity, including shipping of supplies, transportation, food and lodging of participants, and miscellaneous expenses. The CPO is responsible for working with the trip coordinator and the trip Medical Director to determine the appropriate mix of medical and ancillary professionals to optimally staff the volunteer mission. The CPO will assist with the recruitment and selection of the volunteer team.

The CPO serves as the primary contact and representative of VHI with host country officials, including health agency (or system), medical and customs authorities, and for assuring that all VHI medical volunteers have current and appropriate licensure for the tasks they will be assigned in the field. The CPO is responsible for providing host country authorities with all necessary and requested documentation related to the trip. These include but are not limited to: trip rosters, medical licensure and other forms, inventory of all medical supplies and equipment, airway bills, and participant arrival and departure information. The CPO is responsible for securing lodging, food arrangements, and in-country transportation for all team members from point of arrival in-country to point of departure, and for securing emergency contacts both in the US and in-country. In the event of an emergency, the CPO is responsible for working with local authorities on securing the treatment and evacuation if needed of any VHI team member.

During the field program trips in which the CPO leads, the CPO is responsible for coordinating all in-country logistics, protecting the health and safety of VHI team volunteers, and providing a statistical report to the host country and the VHI Board of Directors at the conclusion of the trip. If the CPO does not lead the trip, these responsibilities will be designated to the Trip Coordinator. The CPO is also responsible for evaluating the success of each trip through participant evaluations after the medical mission is complete. This evaluation will include an assessment of the potential for future trips to the selected site and a recommendation to the Board of Directors.

The CPO is responsible for training trip coordinators and assuring that all information from trips lead by trip coordinators is obtained and shared with the Board of Directors.

The CPO is also responsible for other duties as many be assigned by the Board of Directors.

Specific Tasks

The specific tasks of the CPO associated with the general duties and responsibilities described above are listed below. These tasks are broken down into two general areas: 1) tasks related to the country program activities, and 2) tasks related to the recruitment and selection of team members.

Individual trip coordination tasks:

  • Organizing site selection and program dates
  • Identifying intra-country host collaborator(s)
  • Obtaining letters of invitation and support
  • Arranging local contacts for shipping and receiving supplies
  • Coordinating in-country meals and hotel selection
  • Arranging airport, in-country and post-trip transportation
  • Serving as chief liaison with host country agency
  • Preparing final trip statistics and reports
  • Ascertaining interest and feasibility in return project to host country
  • Serving as Trip Coordinator (separately compensated)

Team selection and coordination:

  • Advertise upcoming programs, respond to information and recruitment requests via mail, email, or phone
  • Coordinating recruitment of personnel with Trip Medical Director, Nursing Director and Trip Coordinator
  • Compiling registration, participation fees, licensure and credential data for team selection and host agency
  • Coordinating communication with team once selected
  • Preparing trip orientation materials for team and Trip Coordinator
  • Compiling roster, arrival and departure lists, etc.
  • Maintain and update VHI mailing lists to include all trip participants 



Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Language Proficiency: Spoken and written fluency in Spanish and English

Knowledge: Good working knowledge and experience of international NGO medical mission work.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to represent VHI effectively and professionally with host organizations, local officials, partners, VHI volunteers, Board Members, and donors
  • Cultural competence as it relates to international mission work; understanding of the culture and people as it relates to Latin America.
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills.
  • Strong knowledge of IT with excellent computer skills including proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel,etc.), social media platforms, and familiarity with electronic communications applications and tools.
  • Willingness and readiness to travel internationally throughout year.
  • Strong organizational capabilities, i.e., able to handle and prioritize many projects concurrently.
  • Able to work independently and in group settings.
  • Demonstrated ability to exercise good judgment under normal as well as complex and stressful conditions.


  • Experience working in Latin America, including pre-trip organization and budget preparation.
  • Prior experience leading groups in Latin America.
  • Experience working with medical mission groups
  • Established contacts in Latin America
  • Previous experience as an international volunteer and volunteer organizer
  • Prior experience working with customs


The Chief Program Officer is a Virtual Position and can be performed from a remote location.

Additional Salary Information: Commensurate with Experience

For more information, please contact Nicole Fedoravicius, Executive Director.