Nurse Scholarships Benefit VHI

By Anthony Calacino & Paul O’Rourke

As Dr. Black prepared for his next patient in the operating room, he remarked that in the past three days, “Fini has been the best circulator I’ve ever had!” Adelfine Oharek, who prefers to be called Fini, is from Palisade, Colorado and was one of the amazing nurses who volunteered for VHI’s July Peru trip. She had never assisted with an eye surgery before, yet Fini became an integral member of Dr. Black’s team.

When asked how she came to be a volunteer with VHI, Fini said, “I wouldn’t be here at all if it weren’t for the Nurse Scholarship.” Dr. Black was very happy Fini had received the scholarship, so was everyone else on the trip. Summing up his opinion of the first-time VHI volunteer, Jun Esguerra, an OR technician from Bremerton, Washington said, “Fini was Vision Health’s MVP on this trip.”

VHI is pleased to report that thanks to the generosity of many, including significant donations from the David P. Honey Charitable Fund, many scholarships have been awarded to qualified operating room professionals. However, VHI needs your help to keep these funds replenished.

Thank you for helping to Restore the Gift of Sight.