Limon, Costa Rica

VHI has conducted 13 field programs in Costa Rica since 1989. The most recent site (2007-2010) was Limon, an Atlantic coastline city of 60,000 that serves as the provincial capital.

VHI held clinic and eyeglass distribution, and performed surgeries from the Hospital Tony Facio, a public health facility administered by the Caja Costarriesence de Seguro Social, CCSS, (Costa Rican Social Security).

Instrumental in perfecting arrangements in Limon were Costa Rican ophthalmologists, Dr. Roberto Sawyers Copeland (Director of CCSS) and Dr. Javier Cordoba, a long time associate of VHI and member of VHI’s International Advisory Council.

Collaborations with ophthalmologists at the Hospital Tony Facio were highly productive, contributing greatly to the success of VHI’s four-year effort in Limon.

During four programs in Limon 862 eye exams were provided, 1,039 pairs of eyeglasses were dispensed, and 482 surgeries were performed, not to mention the many, many smiles that were generated from patients and caregivers alike.

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